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No Mistakes

At church this morning, the priest gave us several examples of people who were trying to make a specific product, but made a “mistake” and ended up making something very different, by very wonderful. I thought of my sister’s coffee toffee. She started with a certain recipe, read the measurements incorrectly for some of the ingredients, and ended up with an amazing candy. The priest also told us the story of one of his friends who he hadn’t heard from for years. The other day, the priest had turned off his phone to work on this week’s homily. He later found that the friend had called and left a message. The friend explained that he had mis-dialed and apologized. Instead of letting it go, the priest called the man who again apologized for dialing the wrong number. But since he was on the phone, the man told the priest about a strange dream he had last night and wanted to know the priest’s opinion. His dream involved the Holy Spirit, which is funny as today’s Gospel reading was about the Holy Spirit. So, the priest was inspired by the dream and enjoyed talking to the friend after a long time. And the friend was glad to be able to talk to the priest about his dream.

I Found God today in “mistakes” that were actually very helpful.

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