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Enjoying Projects

My sister is very creative and has made several beautiful scrapbooks. She has helped my mom complete her family history book and is now helping my dad put together some of his treasured memories. A couple of weeks ago, they completed a page honoring my grandfather and nephew who trained in the same Navy base 100 years apart. My dad decided the next subject matter should about his father as a magician. My grandfather was a hobby magician since before my dad was born – and a pretty good one. He also owned a car sales company. His business cards read, “Magic is my hobby. I sell cars to make a living.” He did shows for several events and co-founded the Houdini Club of Wisconsin. My dad tells stories of the animals that he had in the house that were used in the shows. I remember many of the tricks and shows he did for us kids. My favorite was his zippered banana. Today my dad pulled out some of his old slides. He found pictures of his father performing and many other old pictures from the 1940’s and got busy printing. He very much enjoys working on these types of projects. This is one of the times when I am most grateful that I am able to be with my parents in their house. They can continue to do their things and I get to learn so much about their history – my history.

I Found God today enjoying my dad enjoying his project.

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