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What Belongs to God

Today, the Gospel reading at church included Jesus’ famous response, “… repay (render) to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.” I thought the priest gave a great interpretation of the message. Perhaps I had heard it before, but it really struck me. The coin that was used to pay the Roman tax had the image of Caesar on it. Jesus acknowledged that belonged to Caesar and should be given to him. However, what belongs to God? Those with God’s image. What is that? All of US. We are told in the very beginning of the Bible that God made man in His own image. Every person in the world bears God’s image and belongs to God. It should be our response to first give ourselves to God in prayer, contemplation, and a loving heart. Then we can help give others to God in prayer and action. The message just touched my heart and reminded me that all of us regardless of race, income, physical ability, age, political ideas – we all belong to God and should be treated as such.

I Found God today in the reminder that all people were created by God for God.

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