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Watching Bats

We made a trip up to the cabin this afternoon and it was beautiful as usual. As the sun disappeared behind the mountain, the few clouds that lingered seemed to be on fire. I put on my sweatshirt, grabbed a chair, and sat out on the deck to watch. The orange sky gradually grew darker and the crescent moon got brighter. Suddenly something flew right in front of my face. It was very small and made no sound at all. As I sat there wondering if it was a bird or a bat, I saw another one flying across in front of me. Definitely a bat. The sky was clear and still a little bright, and as I sat several little bats flew back and forth. They were little shadows against the darkening sky. At one point, my brother came outside and one flew right by him, but he didn’t see it. I told him about the bats and another one came by, but he didn’t see that one either. Finally he saw one flying across the horizon. It was true – there really were bats flying around. I enjoyed watching them flit about. That was something I had not done in many years.

I Found God today enjoying the nighttime wildlife.

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