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Growing Faith

At church today, the priest talked about how faith is – should be – always growing. He talked about how we judge our own faith in different circumstances. Perhaps there are times in our lives when our faith is strong, we feel very connected to God. Then something may happen and we question that relationship. At that time, we can trust the faith we had was real and be able to work through the current situation allowing God to guide us. If we can do that, our faith will grow. Or we can dismiss our faith and leave it aside, going about doing things our own way. If we do that, our faith becomes stagnant, or perhaps dwindles. This all made so much sense to me. Having a relationship with God takes work – just as any relationship does. I cannot expect my faith to be a one time experience and then I’m good forever. If I want to live my days in peace, joy, love, patience, etc., I need to be present with God every day. I’m not so good at living those virtues on my own – I welcome God’s grace, mercy, and love to help me through.

I Found God today as I was reminded that faith is a constant growing process.

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