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Hurricane Heroes

For days now since the hurricane pummeled Texas, there have been images and stories of heroism. People have come from other states to volunteer their time and skills. Fundraisers are popping up all over the country. Those who have resources are offering them to benefit others. “Regular” people are helping and even saving others. Even though there have been some terrible and sad things happening, the vast majority of what has been highlighted is people helping people. It is interesting that there has been no mention of racism, bigotry, political tension, etc., – all the things that the media would have us believe that is what the country is about. I believe that this situation truly portrays what happens in our country every day. Regular people help other regular people without applause, without a spotlight, without thought of the other’s race, creed, color, religion, or political view. That is truly how our lives can make a difference.

I Found God today seeing so much good coming from so many people.

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