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Various People

My parents and I went to Christmas Eve Mass at 6:00 pm and one of my sister’s met us there. The family that sat in front of us was too cute. My dad struck up a couple of conversations with the husband who proudly introduced his family and foreign exchange student. They had 5 children, just like my parents did. During the sign of peace, the little boy who was the youngest was being held by his dad and just beaming. My dad told him he had a very nice smile. The little boy replied that he really liked to smile. That made all of us smile as well. Next to us was a woman who we would see on a regular basis. She had her grandson with her who she was eager to introduce. Behind us was a woman who belted out the Christmas carols for all to hear, and not necessarily on key. After Mass, my sister and I realized we were both thinking the same thing – she must really love singing those songs and was very much enjoying herself. It’s always enlightening attending Christmas Mass and being around people other than the “regulars”. It brings all kinds of different people together, all to celebrate the occasion of the birth of Jesus – when God came to us, for us.

I Found God today in various ways in new people.

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