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Promised Peace

After our blessed time at church yesterday, we all slept peacefully and even slept in late. I can’t remember the last time that has happened. After breakfast, we decided to get outside before the forecasted rain storms arrived. My sister, parents, and I went to a local park that my parents hadn’t been to for years. It had a nice paved trail that we walked on for a while, then turned around to go back. There were several people also utilizing the trail. Most were walking or biking. Some had dogs, others were pushing strollers. One man had a seat in the front of his bicycle for his child who was probably around 2 years old. While we were sitting on a bench, he stopped near us to get a plastic bag. He had found a caterpillar and had put it on a leaf. He put it all into the bag. I assumed he would be showing his child that beauty of nature, hoping the caterpillar would turn into a butterfly. Everyone we met was super nice and cheerful. Everyone said hello with a smile on their face. It was wonderful to see everyone’s smile unveiled from behind the facemask. We had a peaceful night and a peaceful day – the peace that God promises when we go to Him.

I Found God today in His promised peace.

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