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Chickadee Call

My parents and I went up to the cabin in the mountains for a few days as the weather was pretty mild. Shortly after we arrived, my dad filled up the bird feeders and we placed them outside around the house. After several hours around dusk, we finally saw a bird at one of the feeders. My mom recognized it as a Chickadee. She keeps track of all the birds that visit. She also has a magazine subscription that explains their behaviors. She said that the Chickadee would go tell all his friends and they would all be coming. Then, the other kinds of birds would follow. Sure enough, the next day, there were several Chickadees flying back and forth from tree to feeder. After a little while, the other species joined them – and they came exactly in the order that my mom said they would. It was nice to see the birds and to watch them. It is fascinating how they are all dependent upon one another. And I was again impressed by my mother’s knowledge.

I Found God today watching birds.

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