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Barnacles on the Ship of Life

My dad had another doctor appointment today. This one was with the dermatologist. My dad had a couple of spots that were concerning to my mom and me. The first one to see him was the intern. He made the rounds with his can of liquid nitrogen and froze some pre-cancerous spots. Those that we were most worried about turned out to be fine. The intern called them “wisdom spots”. My dad liked the sound of that. After a bit, the doctor came in for a double check. My dad proudly told him about his “wisdom spots”. He took a look at them and agreed they were nothing to worry about. He said they were “barnacles on the ship of life”. I thought that was one of the funniest things I heard. We laughed about it all afternoon. We were all happy for two appointments in two days with good news and joyful doctors. It helped to re-energize my dad.

I Found God today in good news and joyful doctors.

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