More Laughter

My poor mother is usually ready to go to bed right after dinner, but we know that if she were to actually go to bed then, she would get back up in the middle of the night some time. So, we look for things to do that are engaging. Tonight I remembered Mad Libs, the […]


My mom wanted to watch something funny on TV tonight, so we found the old Carol Burnett series. We watched the episode with Vincent Price and Joan Rivers. It was hysterical. Sometimes I forget just how important and uplifting it is to have a good belly laugh. I Found God today in laughter.

Watching Kids

My mom and I were out today and took the opportunity to go to lunch. After we were seated, a large group of families came in. The adults sat at the long table near us and the kids sat in a couple of booths. My mom was facing the booths and enjoyed watching the kids. […]

Back From Mission

Our neighbors have been away on a mission trip for 6 weeks. They arrived back home today and the husband came over to collect their mail. He talked about their amazing experience for 45 minutes and could have gone on much longer. While they were there, they taught English, introduced the students and adults to […]

Humor and Laughter

This morning, my mom found something funny in an article she was reading on her iPad. I made an inside joke about it and we started our day with laughter. Tonight before my mom went to bed, we watched some short videos from the Carol Burnett show. They were so funny and we just laughed. […]

Grateful For Sister

Today is my sister’s birthday. I am especially grateful for her today. She was away when mom and I ended up with COVID and stayed away for a little longer at my insistence. She knew how much I was struggling though, so she came back to stay at the house, wearing her facemask the whole time. […]


My mom has started to get bored. After all, we have done pretty much nothing for almost 4 weeks as we continue to recover from COVID. I have had even less energy than her. She has been doing a lot of reading, puzzle making, playing on her iPad, and playing the piano. But it has […]

Belly Laughs

Today we celebrated my oldest grandson who will be 20 in a couple of days. He had just returned from getting his hair cut and was looking very fresh. He played along well with the family birthday traditions. The guys were in rare form and I laughed until my stomach hurt. It has been a […]

Enduring Friendships

Tonight I was so happy to go to a birthday party for a friend I met some 30 years ago. We lived in a great neighborhood where all the kids played in each other’s houses and were welcomed to just walk in any time. The families would bowl together, go camping, or just hang out. […]

Love Balloon

Almost 2 weeks ago I received a big bouquet of big balloons for my birthday. When some of them ended up on the ground, it was time to do something with them. Many of them went into the trash. One pink heart shaped balloon still had a fair amount of helium, though it wasn’t enough […]