Belly Laughing

Today my mom was talking about books and writers. She mentioned one particular author who has passed away. Then she said, “I don’t know if he wrote anything after that.” It took a second, then we all laughed so long and hard that it hurt our stomach. It felt great. I Found God today in […]

Funny Effects

My sister was here today. We had fun making Halloween treats and taking pictures with funny and scary effects. There’s always a lot of laughter when she’s around. I Found God today laughing with my sister.

Boys’ Birthday

My older son flew out this weekend to celebrate his and my younger son’s birthdays. They came over this evening for a socially distant visit. They are 12 years apart in age, so didn’t spend their childhood or youth together. I love seeing them together now as adults. It’s funny that their voices, the things […]

Christian Horse

When I was sitting outside this afternoon, I could hear my mom telling jokes to my dad in the house. Then they would laugh and laugh. At dinner, my mom tried to remember one that she wanted to tell to me. They both tried to remember the details, but couldn’t, so after dinner my mom […]

The Best Medicine

I found a couple of shows on TV tonight that were just plain fun entertainment. One was “Masters of Illusion”. We watched the amazing acts including a hilarious pick-pocket. My mom and dad recounted how my grandfather who was a magician also had a pick-pocket routine. They laughed as they explained how his “patter” – […]

Memories and Laughter

My sister has been trying to clean things out as she gets ready to move. She came over this morning and brought some photos that we may want. It was fun looking at the pictures from years ago and seeing the fun we had with friends and family. Tonight I talked with one of those […]

A Smell

“I smell something!” The words were loud and excited coming from my mother’s mouth. Followed by, “I haven’t smelled anything for 20 years!” Losing her sense of smell was one of the first symptoms she experienced as Parkinson’s started rearing it’s ugly head. I asked if it was a good smell or a bad one. […]

Helping Chippy

We were up at the cabin today. We put the bird feeders out on the deck as usual. Once the birds started feasting, the chipmunks arrived to clean up the floor. My dad then realized there was no water for them. The water dish he usually used had been moved to below the deck while […]

Funny Memories

I was happy to get together with my sister today. As she was driving, she was thinking of all the fond memories she had at the cabin. One time, she was putting her son to bed and saw a bear on the deck. She yelled and my mom ran and got a pot and a […]

Technicolor Dreamcoat

A couple of days ago, we learned that a site on YouTube would be showing musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber each weekend. It started this weekend with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Donny Osmond as Joseph. I had never seen this entire show, only clips. My mom felt certain that she and my […]