Energy and Laughter

I am so blessed to have siblings who came to stay at the house for a couple of days so I could take a trip to see my grandchildren. Travelling was somewhat different only in the fact that everyone wore masks. Other than that, the airports and flights were jam packed. I was glad my […]

Spike Jones

My sister has been cleaning out her storage closet and brought over some records that she had packed up. I remembered listening to many of them in the home when I was a child. Tonight we put on Spike Jones. The comedian was poking fun at the “new High Fidelity” technology. It was nostalgic and […]

Great Family Get Together

I was happy to get to church again this morning and bring Communion home for my parents. After our little service, my mom hopped on her piano to play, “The Lord Bless You and Keep You”, which was in her mind. Then we had a great family get together including my two sons, two sisters, […]

Funny Baby Photo

My mom is still very committed to attending her online exercise classes twice a week. They are in real time with some of the people she used to exercise with in person before the pandemic. The group is connected to the college and includes interns who are furthering their education in the medical field. After […]

All Wound Up

This afternoon on family Zoom, my granddaughter was all wound up. She logged in on her own laptop that she uses for her Kindergarten classes. First she was lying down and said she was dancing. We encouraged her to stand up and dance. She obliged and I danced along as we went through several different […]

In the Midst of Joy

A friend asked if I wanted to walk with her on this beautiful day. She was very flexible and was ready when it was a good time for me to get out for a bit. We walked down to a local park that was filled with kids – about middle school aged. We found out […]

Importance of Humor

Today I listened to much of a Conference on dementia to see if I could pick up some more information and tips as my parents and I make our way through this period. One of the speakers worked at a memory care facility and talked about the importance of humor – keeping your sense of […]

Playing Wii

Every night after dinner, my parents and I find something to do to stay busy and awake until bedtime. Tonight we got out the Wii. We took it out a couple weeks ago for the first time in almost a year. We chose bowling as that’s a fun game we can all play together. It […]

Hearing His View

I asked my dad tonight where he found God. He said he started reading the book, “I Heard God Laugh”, by Matthew Kelly. He said he had not yet figured out what God was laughing at, but he really enjoyed what he read. I Found God today hearing how my dad found Him.


Today my sister shared a funny story with me that was in the newspaper. A woman who was normally mild-mannered found herself to be a germophobic lunatic. She described her experience needing to purchase a vehicle in the middle of a pandemic. It was hysterical. It was likely more hilarious because I could so identify […]