Keep Laughing

Communicating around here can be difficult with the hearing loss both my mom and dad experience. Also, with my mom’s Parkinson’s disease, her voice has become very quiet and she has to work hard to speak in her “loud voice”. Many times during the day there are repeated phrases, misunderstandings, and dare I say yelling. […]

Beat Those Stairs

We watched one of our favorite shows tonight – America Ninja Warrior. We love the stories and get excited watching the competitors beat the odds. After the show, my mom walked up the stairs with one foot at a time instead of two feet on each step. When she reached the top, she cheered and […]

Extreme Laughter

Today was my nephew’s birthday. He, my sister, and my son came over for dinner. We laughed so hard that I felt I had done hundreds of sit-ups. The best part was that we laughed about nothing – and everything. It felt great. I Found God today in extreme laughter.

Great Giggles

I was able to see my far away family via computer today. Everyone was doing very silly things and entertained me and my mom. My 3 year old granddaughter was being very mischievous. She was purposefully being disobedient over and over again as my son did his best to keep her from getting into things. […]

Starting the Day With Joy

I started my day at the YMCA and the aqua aerobics class. It is never easy to get out of bed to make this happen, but it is so worth it when I do. This morning we used pool noodles as one of our “weights” to challenge our muscles and balance. It is difficult to […]

Lots of Laughter

A friend came over and had dinner with us tonight. We just laughed and laughed – so much that we cried, blew our noses, and our sides hurt. I’m laughing right now just thinking about it. It was therapeutic for us both. I am so grateful for this friendship and the laughter it brings. I […]

Drowned Pills

You never know what crazy things are going to happen around this house. Every night before bed, my mom sorts out her 17 pills on a chart I created for her so they will be ready for the next day. She puts a couple in her small pill box and brings them to her room […]