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Not My Schedule

Some words from this morning’s meditation really touched my heart, “Your desire to feel in control is often the culprit behind your frustration. You plan your day and expect others to behave in ways that expedite your plans. When that doesn’t happen, you face a choice: to resent the situation or to trust Me (God). Remember that I am in control and My ways are higher than yours – as the heavens are higher than the earth.” It seems I need to learn this over and over every day – or more like several times every day. For years I was used to having so much to do working full time with hours all over the place, raising a son pretty much on my own, meals, grocery shopping, housework, etc. etc. I would always have a plan for each day and squeeze as much into it as I could before I would collapse into bed at night. Now, I never know what any day will bring. I try not to plan out everything that I want to get done. The reality is that caring for my parents is priority #1. Each day brings a new challenge and that will preempt any kind of “schedule” I may have in my head. For example, today I had lunch warm and on the table ready to eat. My dad complained about something in his eye. He tried putting in several eye drops, but that didn’t work. He flushed it with water with no results. I looked in it, but couldn’t see anything. He tried the pull your eyelid down over your bottom eyelashes trick – nothing. My mom made her way into her room to pull out her handy dandy home remedy book. In the mean time, my dad was laying on the sofa continuing with drops and explaining that he could feel it in different places. I got out the magnifying glass and looked all around again. This time I found the culprit. There was a hair curled up in his eye. I held his eye open so it wouldn’t move and managed to get a damp tissue. After a couple of attempts, I finally got the hair out which resulted in immediate relief. We all rejoiced, warmed lunch back up again and sat down over half an hour later to eat. I thanked God for being in control.

I Found God today in a reminder that my time and schedule is not the same as God’s.

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