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Celebrating and Resting

Yesterday, my sisters came for the day. We celebrated one of my sister’s birthday. I really enjoy putting together events, even small family parties. I have so much fun deciding what kind of cake to make and what kind of dinner to have. After the family celebration, we went to a painting party to celebrate some friend’s birthdays along with my sister’s. This was the second time I had been to this kind of event. This time I wasn’t as afraid to begin putting paint on the blank canvas. I was surprised at how much I had learned from the first experience and was able to make some adjustments that actually worked. Of course, much of the fun is spending time with friends. As we visited, I realized that I hadn’t seen some of the people in a year. I just don’t know how that time goes by so fast. The evening was filled with creativity and laughter. When we returned home, my sisters, my dad and I lovingly critiqued our artwork. I put my picture next to my first and was happy to see some improvement. It was a wonderful day. So wonderful, that I slept more than my fair share today.

I Found God today celebrating followed by resting.

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