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A Parkinson’s Story

My mom and I went to the Parkinson’s support group. I was excited to hear about a new therapy that is available. The medication is received via a pump and a tube that is inserted into the stomach. One of the big benefits is that the patient receives the same amount of medication throughout the day even during hospitalizations. This was such a big problem when my mom was in rehab. She wasn’t getting her medications on time and it was a constant battle. I heard a little about the new therapy and thought it sounded like a great idea. One of the patients spoke about his own experience with the device and how much it had helped him. He was struggling to have get his symptoms under control without having dyskinesia or uncontrolled movements. He would go from one extreme of not being able to move to the other. I was so impressed with this man’s courage and ability to share his story with the group. Even though he was not perfectly controlled, he was clear in his message and humorous. It was difficult for him, but he had such a great attitude. However, the more I heard about the device, the more I realized the system would be too complicated for my mom. I didn’t say anything, but my mom did as we were standing in line for lunch. She said point blank , “I don’t think this system is for me.” I agreed. It is so good to be on the same page with my mom as we look into more information about Parkinson’s and find the best way to manage the disease.

I Found God today in a courageous man and learning more about my mom’s disease and the treatment options that are available.

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