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Thoughts on God

I woke up this morning tired and cranky for no reason. Before I even opened my eyes, I thought about how I felt kind of achy. I thought about what I had to do  – exercise, usual daily work, etc. – and how I didn’t want to do any of it. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I just wanted to lay there, or maybe watch movies all day. I thought that wasn’t actually going to happen, and I was dragging myself down with these thoughts. I opened my eyes and looked at the picture of Jesus hanging on the wall. I reminded myself that when negative thoughts get stuck in my head, I need to think about Jesus – God – His Love and Care and Mercy. I stretched and thanked God that I was awake for another day. I thanked Him for all He provides for me. I thanked Him for my parents and their health at this particular time. I just started thanking Him for as much as I could. I exercised and started my day. At breakfast, my mom read the daily meditation. The page was all about getting out of your head and putting your thoughts on God. Message received. I was able to go about my day doing the usual daily work, etc. with a much better attitude. The day was much more entertaining than watching movies all day anyways.

I Found God today by trying to keep my thoughts on Him instead of myself.

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