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Finally Some Relief

My brother has been having quite a bit of trouble with some kind of allergic reaction for almost a year now. He has tried different doctors, different remedies, different environmental adjustments, and different foods. He has received relief from time to time, but nothing that lasts. All along he has been doing as much research as he can to see what else might help. We hadn’t talked to him for a while and were very happy when he called via video chat last night. He had read an article warning that one of his medications could cause early onset of dementia if taken over a long period of time. That was not surprising, as it definitely had been affecting him – giving him a “foggy” mind – as much of the allergy medication does. He decided that he was no longer going to take it. After a few days of withdrawal type symptoms, he started feeling much better and could think clearer. My parents and I talked about it today. We noticed that he even looked better. His eyes were brighter and his smile was more real. We were so glad that he was able to make this change and that it made such a big difference in the way he felt.

I Found God today in some much-needed improvement and relief for my brother.

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