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Being God’s Creation

Tonight my dad told my mom and I that recently he has been dreaming about mistakes he has made in his past. We talked about how different each person is and even though we all make bad decisions, there is a lot of successes. My dad has always been very intelligent and pretty strong headed and those qualities kept him moving forward in his careers – both in the military and then as a college teacher. At the same time, he always thought of the needs and desires of his family when it came time to move to his next assignment. Each of us has an impact on other people in the way that only we can and my dad has had several people come to him years later to tell him so. If he wasn’t the exact person he is, he would not have the influence on specific people. He had to be in the right place at the right time and just be who God created him to be. I hope if he has the dreams again, that he can push out those thoughts by remembering the positive effect he has made.

I Found God today recounting the blessing that my father is.

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