So Shiny

We are excited that there will be a lot of family here for Easter. So we have started to prepare. My mom wanted to make sure her wall hanging of the Last Supper was cleaned up, so I took it off the wall yesterday. It is a metal relief. My mom had used silver polish […]

Immediate Response

My mom and I said our prayers after dinner as usual, including specific requests for specific people. We have been praying for a family member who has been trying to find a new job. As soon as we finished and my mom blew out the candle, I received a text that the person was notified […]

Much Good News

There was a lot of positive excitement in the family today. My younger son registered for his first power lifting competition and had his weigh in today. He made the weight he intended and was pretty excited. My older son found out he got a job he was hoping for. It sounds like it is […]

Unexpected Joyful Soul

It was trash pick-up time when I went for a walk in the neighborhood today. The trash truck was stopped about half a block from me as I turned a corner. As I got closer, I saw one of the workers sweeping up some debris from the road. I have never seen that before. He […]

Living Your Call

Today I got a call from a friend. We talked about all kinds of things for quite a while. At one point she spent a few minutes just encouraging me. It wasn’t a formal prayer, but I felt God speaking to me through her as my eyes welled and heart filled. She talked about how […]

Little Less Labor

It snowed today . . . and snowed and snowed. It wasn’t a tremendous amount of snow, but it just kept coming down all day. By this afternoon, I was wondering if I should get outside and shovel, or if I should just wait for the morning. I wasn’t sure if there was enough snow […]

Working With God

I talked with a friend today and got caught up on family happenings. We discussed covid for a while as she, her husband, her daughter, and her son-in-law all work in the medical field and all live in the same home. Thankfully, none of them – or the toddler in daycare – have had any […]

Three Bricklayers

I was talking with a friend today who reminded me of a story I heard a long time ago about 3 bricklayers. The parable reflects how important our perspective is. It guides how we view our purpose in our work and in our lives: A man observed three bricklayers on a scaffold, one crouched, one […]

School Starts

My grandchildren started school today. Well, virtually. The token first day of school photos were taken in the house. The youngest one even wore her backpack. The oldest started his senior year of high school. As the school is still getting the schedules in order, all he had was home room and was off for […]

God’s Got It

A few months ago, my son was hurt on the seasonal job he was working for. It has been a long road for him and he has been searching for a new job. Today I was literally on my knees praying that God give him a job that would be most beneficial for him and […]