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The Baby Garden

My daughter in law has told me many times about her grandmother. She was a loving woman who always took care of other people’s children and especially loved caring for the babies. As her health declined, she felt comfort by holding a baby doll. Her family told her that there was a special place for her in Heaven – a baby garden – where she would be able to continue caring for the infants. Before she passed away, she said that someone was going to have a baby. My daughter in law found out 2 weeks later that they were expecting my granddaughter. When my granddaughter was younger and asked about the beginning of her life, her mom teasingly said she came from monkey land. My granddaughter was adamant that wasn’t true. Her mom asked what she thought and was floored when she answered that she came from the beautiful baby garden. My daughter in law and granddaughter were in the neighborhood today, so stopped by for a short visit. Out of the blue, my granddaughter said that when she was “spectating”, she thought her name might be Emma or Violet or a couple others. Her mom asked when she was spectating. She said it was before she was in her mom’s belly. Her mom asked if it was when she was in the baby garden and she replied yes, that was it. I asked her then who chose her mom and dad? Was it her? Or someone else? She thought about that for a while, but said she didn’t remember. The thoughts and words that come out of this little girl truly amaze me.

I Found God today in my granddaughter’s beautiful mind and soul.

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