Meaningful Generational Time

Every year our church gives people the opportunity to purchase gifts for children who need them. Each year I take tags off the “Giving Tree” that correspond to the ages of my grandchildren. This year, since my grandchildren are here, I invited them to come shopping with me. This afternoon my mom and I met […]

Strange Mail Mix-ups

This evening when we got home from being out, I checked the front door for any deliveries. There was a small package on the ground. I have made sure I have extra bottles of Lourdes water to take along with me, or to give to other people. I ordered some about a month ago and […]

Caring Dad

My sister came over today so I took the opportunity to make a Target run and stock up. Every time I go into a store I look through the bras to see if there is one that will work for my mom. It’s hard for her especially since the straps go right over her pacemaker. […]

New Coffeemaker

My dad had a very nice big coffeemaker that he used to make his drinks just the way he likes. He even made fancy cappuccinos. A few months ago it started making unnecessary loud sounds and parts weren’t moving the way they should. We brought the machine to the repair company that my parents have […]

Out on an Adventure

My parents and I have been doing some Christmas shopping – online. However, there is one place we decided to visit instead of going through the shipping process. It was in a small town not too far from us. I spoke to the owner regarding the COVID requirements and store hours. He said that they […]

Plan Worked

Last week, my dad had a fairly large cancer spot removed from his arm. Despite the very ugly bruise, the wound healed very well. This morning he had the appointment to have the stitches taken out. My mom’s Parkinson’s exercise class was held online about the same time. I signed into that and got her […]

Patience and Respect

I headed to the grocery store this morning. I thought perhaps it wouldn’t be so crowded early in the morning during a snowstorm. Boy was I wrong. I learned from some of employees that there had been lines of people since 6:00 this morning. I was expecting the worst, but hoping for the best. As […]

Germany Revisited

A few of the ladies in my aqua aerobics class have told me about an old time German bakery in the city. I have asked my mom about it, but she had never been there. Today we decided to go. My mom had a couple of specific things that she wanted. When we walked into […]

Help at the Nursery

We seemed to finally have a string of nice weather, so today my mom and I decided to go to the plant nursery. I think half the city decided to do the same thing as the place was packed with people looking for flowers, seedlings, vegetable starters, and everything a person needs to garden. Luckily […]

Needed Sunset

This afternoon I had to go grocery shopping and run some errands. Everything took me about twice as long as it should have. By my last stop, I was getting tired, frustrated, and annoyed. When I was finally finished and walked outside, there was a beautiful scene of the sun setting. The silhouette of the […]