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Wisdom of Caregivers

Today was the last day of the most recent caregiver class that I have been attending. This one focused on processing your emotions and came at the perfect time – of course. The last thing we talked about was what we would take away from the sessions. There was so much wisdom in the group. These are some of the answers people gave:

I am not alone. I need to be able to adapt to constant changes. Let go and let God, but still do your part. Don’t forget about self care in both big and small ways. There are helpful services that we can tap into. People who come to help will never do things like me, but they deserve to be appreciated. What it all comes down to is that we need to have hope. It’s ok to be joyful in difficult situations. It’s important to be grateful.

These insights were so helpful to ponder as a caregiver. But I thought it was also great life advice. I was grateful for being able to attend, to talk, and to learn.

I Found God today in the wisdom of hard working caregivers.

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