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Playing For Dad

I have been encouraging my mom to bring some music when we visit my dad so she can play the piano for him. He always loves hearing her play. When they were younger, my mom’s best friend was my dad’s sister. When my mother would play the piano at their house, my dad would sit on the bench and turn the pages for her. I talked with the executive director at dad’s place and he told my mom she was welcome to play the piano any time she came. She is self conscious about her playing as she cannot perform the way she used to. But today, I packed one of the music books she has been practicing with and her piano glasses. When we arrived to visit my dad, we found him in the living room near the piano. Ironically, there was no one else in that space. It was the perfect opportunity. I got everyone and everything in place and my mom started to play. It put a smile on my dad’s face almost instantly. I asked if he wanted to turn the pages for her, but he said he would rather just listen. Before the first piece was finished, one of the residents pulled up a chair. A while later, a visitor brought her loved one in their wheelchair to listen to the music. After the concert, the woman who had pulled up a chair told my mom she was sorry she arrived late. She said her daughter was a piano teacher. The woman had also played, but could not any more as it was no longer in her head. One of the caregivers told me that one of the only times she comes out of her apartment is when there is live music. It was a joyful time. On the way home, my mom and I talked about it. The piano was out of tune and some keys wouldn’t play and she asked if it sounded too bad. I reminded mom that no matter how it sounded to her, the important thing is how meaningful it was to dad and others. Hopefully she will play more for them. We may have to donate a good piano tuning.

I Found God today seeing my mom’s music bring joy to others.

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