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New Telescope

When my mom and I arrived to visit my dad today, one of the caregivers who coordinates activities as well flagged us down. She had something to show us. She said she had been to Walmart for black Friday shopping early this morning and as she was headed for the “one thing” she was going to pick up, she came across a telescope and thought of my dad. So she bought it. My mom and I were somewhat speechless. We found my dad and went to his apartment for a visit. The caregiver came in a little later and presented the gift to my dad. He stared for a while taking it all in. Then he asked if you could connect a camera to it to take photos. Sure enough, it had a cell phone adapter included. He asked if there was a tripod. Yes, it has that too. She thought of everything. She said she hoped it would inspire him. She was going to set it up with him after our visit. At home, I found a couple of my dad’s old cell phones that we had kept. I put one on the charger and will bring it to our next visit to see if it works. I was just so surprised and moved at the young woman’s thoughtfulness and generosity.

I Found God today in a thoughtful and generous young woman.

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