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Blessings of Chaplains

I received a follow-up email from my dad’s dentist who was there the other day. It included the bio’s of the individual dentists. According to his information, the man who saw my dad has a Masters degree in Divinity and is seeking to become a Chaplain as well. That didn’t surprise me at all as he had such a peaceful demeanor about him. It reminded me that 2 Sundays ago when we visited my dad, he said that he found out that his current assignment was to be the assistant to the chaplain. I told him that sounded like a great job. He evidently wasn’t as impressed as he said there would be no promotion from that and really anyone could do it. I disagreed and said you have to be very compassionate, patient, and caring to work with a chaplain. He thought about that a little while and I could see he was feeling more pleased with the situation. Later, I found out that he had spent quite a bit of time visiting with the Eucharistic Minister who brought him Communion that day. That got him thinking along that track. It’s always a surprise to see what my dad is doing or saying. I am glad he has the opportunity to spend time with people who are a blessing.

I Found God today thinking about the blessings of chaplains.

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