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Piano Cassette

As my mom was resting yesterday, my dad found some small portable cassette players and got them working. He found some tapes to play and one of them was a recording of my mom playing the piano about 30 years ago. That is when she says she was at her best. My dad got the tape out and played it for her today. I thought how sweet it was that he recorded it way back then and equally how thoughtful that he wanted to comfort her in this way. Unfortunately the quality wasn’t great and with her hearing loss on top of it all, my mom had a hard time identifying the music. After, she told us about the Master’s Music Class she took from a special guest who was in the city at the time. The professional helped my mom work through one of the pieces that was on the tape. She had a great music teacher who she saw regularly. But, she pointed out, no matter how good someone is, there is always more to learn from another person. They come at it from their own experience, with their own personal perspective. I think that is true in every occasion. We just need to be humble enough to admit and accept that.

I Found God today in my loving dad and my mom’s words of wisdom.

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