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Exchange Doctors

I talked with a friend today who had the opportunity to house a doctor from another county who was here as part of an exchange program. Several medical personnel come together to exchange ideas. My friend told us how much she had learned about the culture of the guest. She was from a small Asian island that is independent and self governing. The woman had a deep respect for people in authority and dressed in her elegant customary attire to show it. I thought about how this tiny island that you could drive through in one day with it’s own government and own customs still had ideas to share and contributions to make. It can seem like the world is in chaos and in a constant power struggle. Yet, there are people from all over the world coming together, despite politics, who are trying to make a positive impact. I found that to be very hopeful.

I Found God today in the hope of people from all over the world coming together to advance medical knowledge.

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