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Equine Therapy

I talked with a teen today about her involvement in equine therapy. This program was made available to her and others who are currently living in foster homes. She told me how she first met her horse and started by learning how to take care of him. She groomed him, walked him, and eventually was able to ride him. She was excited to share pictures and videos with me. It was a beautiful thing to see how gentle the large animal was. Then I understood why the youth loved going. The horses they work with are mild mannered, calm, accepting. They don’t judge, don’t get angry. Yet they challenge the youth to learn new skills and to figure out how to communicate with them. Maybe most important is that they must have a trusting relationship. The horses trust that they youth will care for them properly and not hurt them. The youth must trust the large horse to listen to their commands and also to not hurt them. The girl who told me about “her horse” has a very difficult time of it. I was happy to see her passionate and so upbeat about the experience.

I Found God today in a youth’s experience with horses.

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