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Wisdom of Rules

Sadly, a friend and neighbor of my parents’ passed away last week. Today we attended his memorial service. Several family members and friends spoke of the man’s character and faith. It was clear how much he loved God, valued his family, and desired to make the world a better place. Several people talked about how he was such an eloquent writer. Many years ago, my dad wrote the newsletter for the housing complex. He would receive and include articles written by the friend. After the service, when we got home, my dad found his collection of the newsletters and one of the articles. As in most groups of people, some will follow the rules, and some will not. The article was written to address this issue. It read in part, ” . . . Rules are known as covenants and inevitably disharmony evolves when some homeowners abide by the covenants while others flaunt them. Laissez-faire attitudes can foster frustration and hopelessness which only in time give way to a general abandonment of rules originally intended for the welfare of everyone. Let us not forget that there is security and purpose in rules and therein lies harmonious living.”

I Found God today in the wisdom written by a caring man.

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