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Want To Be Like God

Today I was happy to have the opportunity to attend a short Lent retreat at our parish. The talk was given by a Sister of the Merciful Jesus who spoke about the amazing mercy that Jesus offers to each one of us. She was full of joy, enthusiasm, and faith that was contagious. There was so much to take in and I prayed to remember what I should, when I need to. She had many stories that gave me a different perspective. I will share one here. When God created the angels, Lucifer was not happy with who he was and that he had to live under God’s direction. He wanted the power. He finally completely turned his back on God, thus creating hell, where he is his own god. Then, God created people. From the beginning, people weren’t happy with who they were. Adam and Eve ate from the “Tree of Knowledge” because Lucifer told them they would be like a god if they did. Everyone wanted to be like God. So, God sent His Son, Himself in flesh to the world to be the example. If anyone wants to be like God, Jesus has shown us how to do that. We just need to follow His lead. Hard, but true.

I Found God today with a different perspective of Jesus.

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