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Extreme Green Thumb

My sister came over this weekend and re-potted a couple of plants for me. She had re-potted one about a month ago, but it’s leaves were turning brown and curling on the edges. She said she thought it was getting fertilizer burn from the potting soil. The soil she got wasn’t her usual brand, but the salesperson told her it was great, so she used it. I also had a problem with annoying tiny flies in another plant. So, my sister bought new soil, took the plants out of their pots, scrubbed the pots with a mixture to eradicate the bugs, and put the plants back in the new soil. I was her apprentice since I really have no clue. She said starting from when she was young if she would see or get a new plant, she would research to find out everything she could about the it and what it needed to grow best. I said I have done the same thing in my life, but with people. And there-in lies our difference. My mom was getting ready to water her orchids today. My sister re-potted those too a while ago and now one is blooming. My mom commented about how my sister really knows what she is doing when it comes to plants. When she was young, my mom gave her a plant cart and my sister just loved it. When we would go on vacation, my sister loved observing the plant life. Now she has a huge Christmas cactus that she started over a decade ago from a cutting of a cactus that belonged to my mother. A couple of years ago, she took cuttings off it and we passed them around to friends and family. It is just who she is. It amazes me how each one of us is created to do something very different. And each of us has an opportunity to bless others while doing what God created us to do. Not only does she take care of our plants, my sister grows an amazing organic vegetable garden. She sells much of the produce, but she also donates tons to the local food bank.

I Found God today in the different talents He gives each of us and how we bless others through that.

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