Repose of the Soul

Years ago when my mother-in-law died, I was distraught at the fact that there was no wake, no funeral, no services. I spoke to a priest friend of mine who suggested having a Mass said for her. What that means is the Sacrifice of the Mass would include a specific prayer for her soul. I found many sources that describe the importance and power of praying for those who have passed away. Pope St. Gregory (d. 604) said, “Let us not hesitate to help those who have died and to offer our prayers for them.” That sounded good to me, so I attended the Mass that my friend celebrated with her intention. I found it to be very meaningful and peaceful. I have had a heavy heart for the past few days since my son’s friend died. I went to my church office today and requested a couple of Masses to be said for his soul. I wrote out some cards to send to his mother and wife who is way too young to be a widow. Then I spent a few minutes alone in peace with God in the empty church. I am grateful that my faith gives me the opportunity to connect with the dead, the living, and God especially in such circumstances.

I Found God today feeling His peace.

2 comments on “Repose of the Soul

  1. So timely! My uncle, who would have been 100 this month, died in April. His kids scattered his ashes in the ocean in CA as he’d been in the Navy. His wife has dementia and nothing was done —-no funeral or anything. I now know that even tho’ he wasn’t Catholic, we can have a Mass said for him. Thank you, Tammy!

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