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Finished the Book

During the Bible class I took, we read excerpts from the book, “Walking With God; a Journey Through the Bible” by Dr. Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins. Since we studied most of the Old Testament, we didn’t get through the entire book. I signed up to take the next course which focuses on the life of Jesus Christ. There is a summer reading assignment for that class. I made myself a goal that I would finish the “Walking With God” book before I started the summer reading. I decided I would finish by the end of July and begin the next book in August. I am not a very good reader, which I have probably said before, so it is a struggle for me. I can’t even remember the last time I finished a book. But for the past couple of weeks I have been able to sit down and read at least a few pages every day. Tonight I went outside, sat on the porch, and felt the warm breeze as I opened to the final pages in the book. As the sun set I finished the last sentence, ” . . . God calls each of us, just as He called Abraham, Moses, Ruth, David, Mary, Peter, and Paul , to say “yes” to his invitation to enter into his covenant and take up our role in his story . . .”

I Found God today finishing a book that drew me closer to Him.

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