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Puppy Love

A friend of mine loves her pets – especially her dogs. They are actually more than pets. They are companions. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago, her dog suddenly showed signs of being unwell. She took her to the emergency vet who kept her and did what they could to treat her. Shockingly, the next day the dog was gone. They figured she had a brain tumor. My friend was devastated. I saw her last week and it was all she could do to show up for dinner with friends. My heart ached for her. Before the tragedy, she had already decided that her next dog would be a male black German Shepard. She had communications with a breeder she knew. The breeder had a litter of puppies including 1 black male that was almost 8 weeks old. My friend picked up the puppy a couple of days ago and shared pictures. I was fortunate enough to stop in for a short visit today and meet the adorable pup. He gave me lots of puppy kisses with his puppy breath. He was clearly in love with my friend. He followed her everywhere and slept on her feet. He is even already learning a few commands. My friend said she knows the puppy is a gift from God. I agree. It was good to see her smiling again.

I Found God today in my friend’s joy from her new puppy.

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