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An Amplifier

Last week, the bulb on the old rear projector TV went out – or so we thought. My dad tried a used bulb, which didn’t work. He ordered a new bulb, but it didn’t work either. After some research and thought, he decided not to try to get the TV repaired, but wanted to get a new one. Right now, my mom isn’t feeling well, so we didn’t want to leave her home alone to go shopping. Luckily, my sister and her husband were planning on coming today. When they arrived, my brother-in-law looked at the old TV and the existing components. He was uncertain if a new TV would be compatible with the current set-up. He graciously offered to come shopping with us while my sister stayed with my mom. At the big TV store, the salesperson was very patient and helpful. My brother-in-law asked about the compatibility of the amplifier with a new TV. The young salesperson assured us that they hadn’t changed for the last 10 years. We laughed at the thought that the current components were only 10 years old. We needed something that would connect the cassette tape deck, VCR, DVD player, CD player, and assorted speakers. It was decided that it would be best to get a new amplifier to be able to connect everything. After looking at the selection, the sales rep went to another area of the store and found what we needed for a very good price. As we were being rung up, my dad talked about his first experience with an electronic device. He built a hi-fi amplifier to connect to his turntable when he was in high school. That was in 1947. The sales person and my brother-in-law were amazed. Since then, there have been plenty other projects including building a color TV and an organ. It was another piece of history my dad was able to share with others.

I Found God today in helpful people and continuing to appreciate my dad’s history.

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