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Progressive Prayers

I met with a group of friends from the church last night and the topic for discussion led to prayer. We talked about how we pray differently at different times – to God the Father, Jesus the Son, or the Holy Spirit, or we may ask for intercession from the Blessed Mother Mary or from a certain Saint. Even our tone can change depending on if we are praising God, thanking Him, or asking for petitions on our behalf or for others. Of course what we prayer for changes as well. And each form, type, or situation brings us closer to God and gives us a different perspective. In reality, prayer is not about us trying to make God do what we want, but to help us know His love, mercy, and goodness in whatever life throws at us. A couple of days ago, my son told me that his best friend who has been struggling with an illness was not doing very well. I started praying for healing. Then it became clear that he was not going to recover. He received the Last Rites, got his affairs in order and even planned his funeral. I started praying for a peaceful death. Early this morning, my son told me he and his wife were on their way back to the hospital as his friend was passing away. I prayed a rosary for the dying. He peacefully breathed his last this afternoon. He was not only a good friend to my son, he was an integral part of their family life. My grandson had chosen him to be his Confirmation sponsor. My prayers now are for comfort, hope, and peace for my son and his family. I was able to spend a few minutes in Eucharistic Adoration tonight, which is another form of prayer all together. I didn’t say much, just sat in and felt the Presence of God.

I Found God today in many forms of beneficial prayer.

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