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Growing Flowers

I’m not a great gardener. When I lived in the Northeast, I think it was a little easier. The flowers and plants just grew because of the humidity. I have tried for the past 5 years to grow a beautiful pot of flowers. My mom and I even got an instructional video one year that we watched before going to the plant store. This year, it is truly a joy to come up the front porch. My mom and I went to our favorite greenhouse. My mom chose her usual red geranium. I just picked out a couple of things that I thought would look nice together in the pots that sit on either side of the steps. I got daisies for the back, pansies for the middle of the pot, and some vines for the front and fillers. Finally, after 5 years, I have figured out how to water them and care for them. It brings me great joy to check on them each day and see the new buds that are popping up. And my parents comment on the appearance every time they go out. I have learned a little over time, and it is nice to finally see the fruits.

I Found God today in growing flowers.

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