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Decks Done

My dad and brother have been up at the cabin getting some projects done and awaiting workers to do some repairs from a big hailstorm last summer. Because of the amount of work there is to do in the area and because of the current crazy weather we have had, the contractors are all running behind. They have put off doing the work on the decks for a couple of weeks now, promising a date, then changing it. My brother let us know this morning that the workers had arrived. There is a camera at the cabin that streams the pictures on the internet every couple of minutes and it overlooks one of the decks. My mom and I had fun viewing the pictures every now and again. We could see the guys working, then they would disappear. This evening my dad called. He said they had completed all the work on the decks that needed to be done. We could hear the relief in his voice. It was a big worry lifted off his shoulders.

I Found God today as a worry was lifted from my dad.

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