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Mom’s Prayer

Today I visited a friend who has cancer and his wife. When I got back home, my mom and I questioned if it is harder for the one who is ill, or for the other who watches their loved one go through an illness. The latter can feel like there is nothing they can do for sick person – except pray. This led us to talk about praying in times of sickness. My mother says she doesn’t pray for healing. She knows God could heal her, but she said at her age if she was healed from Parkinson’s, she would just get something else anyways. She said she prays for God’s will to be done and trusts that it will be for good. I have learned that my best prayer is for God to change my heart to conform with His will. I do want His will to be done in my life and my loved ones because I know it will be for the best, but at the same time I would really like things to go the way I want them to. So, praying to change my heart and my desires to God’s is much more effective.

I Found God today talking with my mom about prayer.

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