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Affirming and Encouraging

Today I watched the final day of the coverage of Pope Francis in our country. I was very moved seeing him meet with some inmates in a prison. He told them that the path of life makes us dirty. He said that Jesus does not ask what we have done in the past, but wants to cleanse all of us so that we can move forward in a positive direction. Pope Francis said that he was the first one in that line. Some of the inmates handcrafted the chair that the pope sat in. It was beautiful and you could see that the pope was very impressed by it. Another thing that struck me was Pope Francis telling the inmates that part of the reason he was there was to share in their pain. He has the same message for those who have been affected by the abuse scandal within the Catholic Church. Sometimes, all the things of life can seem so overwhelming to me. So much so that I become discourage or feel like I cannot make a difference. At Mass later in the evening, Pope Francis said that we can show our love for one another just by doing small things. “These little gestures are those we learn at home, in the family; they get lost amid all the other things we do, yet they do make each day different. They are the quiet things done by mothers and grandmothers, by fathers and grandfathers, by children. They are little signs of tenderness, affection and compassion. Like the warm supper we look forward to at night, the early lunch awaiting someone who gets up early to go to work. Homely gestures.Like a blessing before we go to bed, or a hug after we return from a hard day’s work. Love is shown by little things, by attention to small daily signs which make us feel at home. Faith grows when it is lived and shaped by love. That is why our families, our homes, are true domestic churches. They are the right place for faith to become life, and life to become faith.” Once again, Pope Francis has the words to help me – us – to get on the right path.

I Found God today in words of encouragement and affirmation by Pope Francis.

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