What About You

I was grateful to watch so much coverage of Pope Francis again today. Everything he says and does is so rich, relevant, and full of love. Today I will focus on only one message that has been with me all day – “What About You?” When Pope Francis spoke at Mass in Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Philadelphia this morning, he talked about St. Katharine Drexel. She was born into a wealthy family in Philadelphia in 1858. Her family took part in serving the needy both monetarily and through physically working with them. Eventually, Katharine found that what was needed was more man power. She and her sisters were granted a private audience with the pope at the time – Pope Leo XIII – and he challenged her to become a missionary herself – which she did. She established a religious congregation – the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament – and worked with the native and African Americans. She also gave millions of dollars to meet their needs. Her decision was very counter-cultural at the time, and even now. From what people saw, she had everything. Yet, she gave it all away and spent her life serving others. The big message that Pope Francis was relaying was – “What about you?” Just as Pope Leo XIII challenged Katharine, our pope is challenging each of us today. We cannot rely on government or other people to do the work that God is calling us to do as individuals. We know what is right and cannot sit on the sidelines waiting – or wishing – for someone else to take care of things. I know there have been times in my life when God was nudging me to take action, asking me, “What about you?” I also realize that I did not always take the action. I know I need a spiritual director that I can confide in to help discern what exactly God is asking me to do. What About YOU?

I Found God today in a beautiful reminder by Pope Francis that each of us has to contribute to bringing about good in this world.

2 comments on “What About You

  1. Tammy, I too have been watching the coverage of Pope Francis and have been moved beyond words by his outpouring of so much Love and inspiration. I have enjoyed this time intensely came almost feel like I can reach out and touch him. I have especially enjoyed his words on Families which have Truly make me stop and say to myself ” What about You?” God Bless You!:)


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