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And Exhale

Today was the day my dad had his pacemaker implanted. It was an early morning as we made our way to the hospital in the dark. My mom stayed at the house with my sister. My dad was one of the first to have a procedure done, along with 2 other men. They checked in together and were brought back to the prep room together. I think it helped them all to be a bit less stressed. Of course, all the people were very nice and some remembered us from my mom’s procedure just a few months ago. Once my dad was whisked away, his doctor came out to the waiting room to find me only 1 hour later. He assured me that everything went very well and that the pacemaker will keep his heart rate from dropping below 60 beats per minute. When I went back to see my dad, he was just waking up. He tried to stretch his neck to see the incision and when he found he couldn’t, he asked for a mirror so he could see it. I did not have a mirror, but I did have my cell phone. So I took a picture to show him. He examined it as carefully as he could while still coming out of sedation. Later he suggested I send the picture to the family members who I texted throughout the day. I am sure they appreciated it. Once he got to his room, we relaxed for a bit. I was glued to the heart monitor as my dad dozed. The pulse stayed a steady 60. Once in a while it would drop a little, then pick right back up and stay at 60 again. When he woke more and moved around, it went up a little as was his normal. It made me wonder just how long this elusive problem has been occurring. He was feeling pretty good pretty fast and was eager to eat lunch. Then I went home and picked up my mom and sister so they could come for a visit. The first thing we noticed when we walked in to see my dad dozing was the color in his face. There was a marked difference. The same thing happened when my mom had her pacemaker put it. It was obvious that there was more blood flowing through. When my dad woke, he was cheerful and in good spirits. It was great to see him that way. I am sure it was entertaining to watch my slow moving mom with her walker and me pushing my sister with her the broken leg in her wheelchair. We struggled trying to get in and out of the elevator and keep the door open at the same time. At one point, my mom made it out and my sister and I didn’t. We rode to another floor, then back again and got out to see my mom standing there waiting and laughing. It was hysterical to us. It felt like today we all exhaled. Before bed, my mom, sister, and I continued our praying to Our Lady of Lourdes and thanked God for the day.

I Found God today in a successful surgery for my dad and the ability to laugh at our seemingly ridiculous situation.

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