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More Pope Francis

As soon as I got up this morning, I turned on the TV to watch the coverage of Pope Francis here in our country. The first thing that I saw was his official welcome by President Obama on the White House lawn. As the Vatican anthem played, Pope Francis had his head bowed and eyes […]

Pope Francis Arrives

I have been looking forward to the arrival of Pope Francis for some time now and excited to watch the coverage. Today I wore a shirt with the prayer of St. Francis on it in celebration. My mom, sister, and I went out and about and returned home just in time to watch the pope […]


This afternoon I talked my sister into going for a walk – well, actually, me taking her for a walk. We started out with my mom and dad as well. My mom was using her rolling walker and I was pushing my sister in the wheelchair. I kept hearing the song from the Monkees in my […]

A Wolf Story

As part of my mom’s ongoing vocal exercises, she reads out loud at least 5 minutes a day. Most of the time she reads from a very silly – yet oddly relevant – book that my dad has had since the 1950’s. Tonight she read an article from “The Week”, a weekly publication that gives […]

Who Is Greatest

My dad and I went to church this evening as he and my mom have an event tomorrow. Unfortunately, my mom was feeling pretty dizzy today, so she did not come. We are hoping that she feels better tomorrow. One of the scriptures in church was Mark 9:30-37. In this reading, Jesus’ disciples argue about who […]

Renovated Walker

My sister has been getting around mostly with a walker since she broke her leg and cannot put any weight on it at all. She lifts the leg and uses the walker as you would use crutches – she moves it forward a bit, then hops her good leg forward. She has been trying different […]

Great Values

Today the Occupational Therapist came to see my sister. She decided to try to do some cooking while staying completely off her broken leg as the doctor instructed. During the exercise, the therapist told us a little about himself. He and his wife are expecting their second child. Their older child is almost 2 years old. […]