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Not Too Much Snow

Today some photos from 5 years ago popped up on my phone. The pictures were of my old house covered in snow with a freshly cleaned driveway. That was a particularly snowy year and I remembered spending a lot of time shoveling out my tiny entry way to keep it from being completely enclosed. It snowed here in my new home last night, so I made my way out to shovel. There was barely an inch of the fluffy white stuff on the sidewalk and in the drive. Even though it was a balmy 12 degrees, it was refreshing to spend the time outside pushing the shovel around for a while. As I remembered the seemingly never-ending shoveling 5 years ago, I was grateful that where I live now, the place will be cleared if there is at least 3 inches of snow.

I Found God today being grateful for my current residence.

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