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Longest Uno

Last night my son’s went out to celebrate their birthdays together. So my grandchildren came over to our house for a game night. We tried to think of a game that we could all play from age 7 to 90. My mom suggested cards. I remembered we had Uno and the boys liked playing that. When they came over, we talked about it, but my granddaughter said she didn’t like that game. Her older brother said she had never actually played it, so we talked her into it. Well, it turned into the longest game of Uno every played. It was funny for a while, then it was getting way to late, so we made up different rules so we could end the game. Tonight everyone came over so we could all celebrate my son’s birthdays all together. We laughed about the game and vowed never to play it again.

I Found God today playing a funny game with my grandchildren.

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