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Free Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Center in the city has 2 free days each month. We wrote it on the calendar and talked about it this morning. My mom has not been feeling real well lately and didn’t really want to go. But after doing some exercises and getting dressed, she decided it would be good to get out of the house. I packed up the wheelchair and some lunch and we headed out. On the way to the center, mom noticed all the beautiful Fall colors and confirmed that it was the right decision. When we arrived at the Fine Arts Center, the first exhibit we stopped at was the Tactile Gallery. This room had various statues and sculptures made from different materials. They were all displayed on low counters that were easy to reach for someone in a wheelchair. The signs were posted in writing and in Braille. Visitors were allowed to touch the items on display, to experience the art in a way other than just sight. We did just that and talked about how each material felt. We saw a few other exhibits, including some examples of family altars for Dia de los Muertos. They were decorated and displayed photos of loved ones who had died. We came across a table that encouraged people to be artistic and create a postcard. There were pictures and colored paper to cut up and glue. We decided to make one for my sister and found a cute kitty that reminded us of the one she had in the past. Doing arts and crafts was an added bonus. Then we sat outside and had lunch. The weather was perfect. I was so glad my mom decided to get out and so was she. We saw, felt, and created beautiful works of art.

I Found God today in beautiful art.

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