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Hero of the Day

This morning when I got my mom’s hearing aid out of the charger, I noticed that the dome – the rubber tip that goes into her ear – was missing. I looked around for a bit and didn’t find it, so didn’t worry too much about it. By this afternoon, mom was struggling even more than usual to hear. She said it felt like there was something in her ear. I was able to look inside the ear canal, and sure enough, there was the dome. It was deep enough in that I was afraid to try to get it out. I was just about to call her doctor when the Occupational Therapist came to the door. I told her the situation and she took a look. She said she could get the dome out, so I got her a pair of tweezers. It took seconds for her to pluck the tiny piece out of my mom’s ear. We were so grateful that we didn’t have to take mom to the doctor and go through some big ordeal. And mom could hear so much better. The therapist was definitely our hero of the day.

I Found God today in an extremely helpful young woman.

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