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Another Pianist

Today another home health therapist came to visit mom and check on her swallowing. Mom can struggle chewing and swallowing, particularly meat. The therapist said everything is functioning pretty well and gave us some handy tips, such as eating several small meals during the day and stacking up the calories at meals when she is not having any troubles. During our conversation, the topic of music came up as it normally does. The therapist said she was a music major in college with an emphasis on piano before she changed to the medical field. She said she has always loved playing the piano. When she was younger, he mother had to call her away from playing to eat dinner. My mom had the same experiences. I asked the young woman if she had any pieces memorized. She said she did and I asked if she would play for us. After a little encouragement, she agreed. Before she left, she hopped on the grand piano and played “Maple Leaf Rag”. She was quite good. We enjoyed listening to her and she enjoyed playing on the beautiful piano.

I Found God today in another pianist.

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