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Little Saints

I talked with a friend tonight about, well, everything. We used to go camping many years ago with her neice who is now married and has children of her own. That in itself is kind of hard to believe. She told me that her niece’s children celebrated All Saints Day with their religious education classes. They did research about the different saints and chose which one they wanted to dress up as. The 10 year old girl chose to be St. Rosalia who is invoked in times of plague. It was said that she saved her native city from a plague after her remains were processed around the city 3 times. Seems like a fitting choice. The 7 year old boy chose St. Padre Pio. He even had red marks on his hands to portray the stigmata and explained it to his teacher. This was the 2nd year he chose that saint. It seems that he has a special interest in him. In all the options that children – and their parents – have to do with their time, I thought it was pretty awesome that this is how this family has chosen to use some of their time. And I know it will be a blessing to them all and others as well.

I Found God today in a couple of little saints.

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