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One Good Turn

I rarely go to the grocery on a Sunday night, but I did today. The place looked like a whirlwind went through it and there were many empty shelves. I went down one aisle and spied a woman climbing on the lower shelf to reach a large bag of Halloween candy pushed all the way back on the top shelf. I offered to help, only to find that I couldn’t reach it either. We looked around for something long. She found another package that she was able to use to knock the bag to the edge of the shelf and grab it. She thanked me for my help and on I went. I went searching for the last item on my list and found it . . . pushed back on the top shelf in the cooler. I needed two cartons of egg whites and was able to scoop one to the front using the same technique as the woman I had just met. The second one, however, was out of reach. I was contemplating climbing right into the cooler when I heard a voice behind me say, “I can get that for you.” It was a very nice young man who was able to reach the carton with no problem. I thanked him for his help and smiled as I thought about the scenario and the saying: One good turn deserves another.

I Found God today trying to be helpful and then being helped.

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