Watching Kids

My mom and I were out today and took the opportunity to go to lunch. After we were seated, a large group of families came in. The adults sat at the long table near us and the kids sat in a couple of booths. My mom was facing the booths and enjoyed watching the kids. […]

They’re Back

Ever since our hawks – I call them “ours” because they made a nest in our tree – left last Fall, we have been wondering if they would return to the nest for mating season. I have been keeping a close eye out because this was about the time we saw them last year, but […]

Most Energetic

I hated waking my mom up this morning, she was sleeping so soundly. But she has a haircut appt. When she got up, she said she had really slept well. We only had time for her to get ready and eat breakfast before getting in the car for her appointment. Having her hair washed, cut […]

The Afterlife

Unfortunately, my mom’s friend who I mentioned yesterday died this morning. I had a “feeling” about that this morning as I prayed a Divine Mercy Chaplet for her. Of course my mom was sad and we talked about our own mortality. She remembered that at one time, her brother died for a couple of minutes […]

Loving Relationships

My mom’s friend came over today as usual. She told us about their mutual friend who she has been visiting in a nursing home. She described how their friend has been declining and is in a bad way. Her husband died a few years ago. She is estranged from her daughter and her son who […]

Power of Water

My sister and I have been watching “The Chosen” and today were able to watch the final episode of season 3. This series is based on scripture, but focuses on the individual potential stories of the Apostles. It is wonderful plausible story telling along with gospel faith truths that have changed hearts. I, personally, cry […]

Mission Details

Our neighbors who were on the mission trip shared more details of their experience. Here are some that most touched my heart. “The school gave us the most amazing send-off I’ve ever experienced in all of my overseas teaching opportunities… Students from several grade levels performed traditional dances while other students and several teachers sang […]

Back From Mission

Our neighbors have been away on a mission trip for 6 weeks. They arrived back home today and the husband came over to collect their mail. He talked about their amazing experience for 45 minutes and could have gone on much longer. While they were there, they taught English, introduced the students and adults to […]

Buying Groceries

Since I got sick with COVID before Christmas, I have been ordering groceries as I didn’t have the energy to do the shopping in the store. Today I decided to give it a try. I went with a short list which was mostly produce. I actually enjoyed looking over the fresh fruits and veggies and […]

Old Neighbor

We met a woman today and talked about family and past homes. As it turned out, she lived a few houses away from my parents before they moved into their current home. They were neighbors for about 7 years but never met each other at that time. We laughed about what a small world it […]